Block Party at Unit J in Brooklyn with Dru Cutler

Welcome to Unit J.

Unit J consists of six artists that renovated their loft into a intimate live music, film screening, and record label located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. They’ve opened up their home to you for the love of music.

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As one of the most intimate, collaborative music initiatives in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Unit J has pulled together some of the best bands they have seen this year to rock the stages at Lantern Hall and Pine Box Rock Shop as part of the Northside Festival 2017 on June 9th!

A mix of rock and folk, influenced by classic artists like Pink Floyd, the Beatles and the good old ’90s alt-rock from their childhood is the best way to describe Unit J’s eclectic mix of musicians. Highlights include: Belle-SkinnerHayes PebblesMaria Colores (coming in from Chile), Dirty BirdDru Cutler, MizunaMegg Farrell, and Tongues Unknown.

Interview with Artist Dru Cutler – Performing at the Northside Unit J Official Block Party

Dru Cutler recently performed at the Florida Music Festival. Here’s an interview with Dru below for you to get to know one of the artists a little more. We talk about how to move from  a part-time artist into full-time as well as this hidden gem for music lovers tucked away in Brooklyn called Unit J.

For even more about Drew, you can read his interview about performing at the Florida Music Festival 2017 in Orlando, Florida.

Line Up

Lantern Hall: Folk/Acousitc Vibe

5:00pm – Belle-Skinner
5:30pm – Niall Connolly
6:00pm – All Types of Kinds
7:00pm – Mizuna
8:00pm – B.R.Mackie
9:00pm – Maria Colores
10:00pm – 
Hayes Peebles
11:00pm – Megg Farrell & Friends
12:00am – MAMA JUKE
1:00am – Unit J family jam!

Pine Box Rock Shop: Rock Vibe

6:30pm – Dirty Bird
7:30pm – Ghostly Times
8:30pm – Gold Stars For Everyone
9:30pm – Inalukt
10:30pm –Dru Cutler Music
11:30pm – Echo Moth
12:30am –Tongues Unknown

Price: $5 admission for both venues! Or FREE if you purchase a Northside Badge!
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Lantern Hall
52 Harrison Place
Brooklyn, NY 11237

Pine Box Rock Shop
12 Grattan St
Brooklyn, New York