Sparkle Podcast Supports Female Artists

DJ EM launches Sparkle Podcast

Toronto, Ontario, October 27, 2016 – Sparkle podcast has just has been launched! The podcast is available to listeners, at:, just by clicking and listening in.





DJ EM, also a DJ at iLive Radio (, will be coming at you, the first Thursday of every month, illuminating the budding careers of turnt up (unsigned and signed) female singers, songwriters, musicians and producers.

The inaugural episode, which aired on October 13, featured Canadian singer/songwriter Shelsey Jarvis, who, after experimenting with many different styles of music, finally found that country really resonated. “For me, this a dream come true,” says DJ EM. “I love promoting new artists, especially women; giving them some shine and letting them sparkle. I just wanted the right platform. Now we have it! 

“I mean, it’s hard enough to have the courage to expose yourself vulnerably through your music. I just wanted to provide another outlet for women who work so hard – while still doing other gigs to make money while pursuing their craft – to get exposure and be heard. And they, in turn, inspire other up and coming artists on the verge of giving up.”

Female singers, songwriters, musicians and producers, and fans, of the podcast can contact DJ EM at or 416-857-5476 with talented new artists for the Sparkle podcast. To listen to the podcast, visit:

About Sparkle Podcast

Based in Ontario, Canada, the Sparkle podcast gives listeners a peek into the stories of talented, up and coming female (unsigned and signed) singers, songwriters, musicians and producers. For more information, contact Mykella Van Cooten at 416-857-5476 or visit the official website: