Space4Lease release single “Must Be Something”

Genre-bending psychedelic rock band to release series of singles and content in coming months

Lulling you into an untethered state of relaxation yet one of lucid clarity, Space4Lease’s new song “Must Be Something” comes as the first single in their upcoming series of releases. It premiered in July via Groundsounds. Sonic elements tug gently at the edge of your conscious, like a familiar dream, while chord changes wash over you in a refreshing wave.

Frontman Grayson Hamm explained the inspiration of the song, as stemming from a road trip he took with a friend after high school. “Coming from a small town, I never had the experience of the big city life, but surprisingly it wasn’t these destinations that intrigued me the most. It was the journey, and the miles, and time it took to get there. Once we were out on the road all by ourselves just driving and seeing the countryside, this quest of finding myself really started to take effect. This is where the premise of the chorus let alone the whole song comes into play. “There must be something in the way how, there’s nothing standing in our way now.” I started to realize that the only barrier that was standing in the way was myself. The world was just waiting for me.”

Traveling, to Hamm, was a freeing and inspiring experience; learning to live in the moment and embrace opportunities. “Travel, explore, because the world is waiting for you – but so many of us convince ourselves to push these things off until one day it can be too late. It is this internal fear that holds us back. Talking ourselves out of it. Second guessing ourselves. Time passes all the same regardless if you’re sitting at home in your shell, or if you’re testing those limits of fear and breaking your shell, even if it’s uncomfortable at times. The only person standing in your way is you.”

With an EP worth of material ready to be shared, the band opted for an intriguing and untraditional approach to their release, breaking out of the typical release format. “The band and I have such connection with each individual song that it would only be right for us to give each song its own light,” shared Hamm. “We are excited to engage with you all as we consecutively release new studio material packed with extra content to be discovered along the way.”

Hamm also provides an inspirational message for anyone wishing to play music, or follow a dream. “As a kid, I found a lot of inspiration from my grandfather, who was an amateur piano player himself. Little did I know that his piano would be sitting in my home for the next ten years after he passed. It was that piano, and my grandfather himself, that opened the door to music in my life. It has taken me ten years to figure that out. I didn’t start singing and writing until I was 17, and it wasn’t until I attended ACM where I came to play with an actual drummer. It’s just funny how things seem to fall into place even if you don’t see it at the time.” Often seen as past the prime of learning a new instrument, Hamm didn’t let his late start to music hold him back, letting his passion drive him and jumping head first into new adventures.

Coming from a variety of different musical and life backgrounds, the members of Space4Lease met while attending the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma. Although self-described as psychedelic indie-rock, the band knows no limitations to their their sound, instead choosing to embrace experimentation and refreshingly authentic exploration in their music.

With “Must Be Something” providing just the first glimpse into the band’s new work, fans should stay tuned for upcoming releases and specialized content. In true Space4Lease fashion, they are sure to serve things with a twist of unique originality. “Must Be Something” is now availble for stream and purchase on BandcampiTunes and all major digital platforms.

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Derek Brown of The Flaming Lips on SPACE4LEASE:

“Fellow Okies that wonderfully mix the blissfulness and melancholy of the great wide open. Highly recommended!”