Playlist Live Music Matters Panel

Today many artists are discovered from their social media channels, especially on YouTube. Here are the podcasts from a music panel at Playlist Live Orlando from several successful musicians and industry professionals. Music Matters Panel includes: Perter Hollens, Nick Pitera, doddleoddle, Danny Padilla, Matt Maysonet, Alex Hoffmann, Rick Barker, and Allicattt.

“Music and online video go hand-in-hand. The digital era brings a wealth of data now available to artists. Hear from some musically-inclined creators and some industry reps, too!”

Top advice from music panel:

  • Promote only the social media that you’re active in daily for growth
  • Consistency
  • Be Unique
  • Don’t be scared of putting the content you love out there
  • Talking at the end of your content
  • Collaboration is key
  • Live performance is important
  • Don’t let the numbers dictate your life
  • Engagement over numbers
  • Be active on the social media you promote
  • Know your audience with analytics

Be Unique

  • Don’t be a copycat from someone else’s style. Be authentic and make what you want to make. Take bits from a few sources and mix it up to make it your own style.
  • “Be the first you, not the next someone else.”
  • Observe what you like about someone’s YouTube channel ideas and take from it what you like and leave out what you don’t
  • Don’t be afraid to put it out there if you love it
  • Even when it’s not perfect starting out, over time with consistency you’ll get better

Know your audience:

  • Speak directly to your audience at the end of your video
  • Include a link to the next video to keep them on your channel
  • Prepare yourself for views – what do you want them to do?
  • Relate to your audience through connecting with them personally

Love your fans:

  • Without your fans you’re nothing – we all start with an audience
  • Have a relationship with your fans! Your fans is who you’re doing this for
  • Treat your social media as a meal plan an hour a day
  • Consistently release content, be unique and brave, brand yourself, and increase collaboration in order to connect with your fans

Live social media

  • Go live everyday through social media to reach fans worldwide
  • Use it for a platform to practice performing daily
  • Be consistent and create quality content
  • Helps fans connect with you from online to seeing a live performance
  • Don’t let numbers dictate your life on social media
  • Social media for music workshop – there’s width, which can be purchased and depth, which cannot be purchased

Social media numbers:

  • American Idol TV show judged based on how many people the artists were following versus how many were following them to prove engagement
  • They look for people with high following but who is also listening to them through conversations, re-tweets and shares
  • Keep them interested and you care about them
  • Remember not to let the numbers dictate your life because engagement is more important to prove your authenticity
  • You don’t have to be on every social media platform, only the ones you’ll use daily
  • Break away from your parents! Don’t let them post videos of you from your childhood in poor quality

Music panel closing remarks:

  • Everyone has a unique style even when inspired by someone else from developing their own sound
  • Keep practicing and your style will develop through time

Rick Barker Q&A advice:

  • Do your own development if you want a record deal
  • Engage with social media when you’re not promoting things
  • Learn how to use social media and “be social” with your fans without promoting your music
  • If you have music to post keep posting it
  • Let people use your music if they agree to post a link to buy your song
  • If you share songs for free – ask your fans to remix it and upload to earn from their plays
  • for free music business e-book
  • How to stay consistency weekly through an email list through the website to promote new content ahead of time to build buzz