Insightful Interview with Indie Artist John.k from Orlando

Who is John.k?

John.k has depth that accompanies wisdom, the grit of anxiety and influences of yesteryear’s troubadours, enters a singer-songwriter whose artistry spins on a luminous axis of voice and soul. His highly anticipated indie-pop debut, “Runnin,” is a powerful and energetic composition, the first single off his forthcoming full-length LP and this si merely the beginning. Fans can expect a stacked remix package and the official music video for “Runnin” in the coming months.

“You want a hook? John.k will give you a hook.” – Nylon

Q&A Interview

1. Who is John.k as a singer-song writer? I’m constantly fighting the melodies in my head to be present in the real world. I love to create vocal melodies and explore new sounds, which is why I love writing with other artists and producers. They have a totally unique and fresh perspective that is only theirs. Collaboration is key.

2. What’s your source of inspiration? I’m inspired by people, sounds, and relationships. I’m really drawn to the real life struggle of a relationship and the way music makes you feel. It’s about moments.

3. Where can we see you perform live next? May 20th in Miami at the hotel one and 24th at the grand opening of the frost science center in Miami.

4. What’s next up for your music? This week the team released a remix package of my debut single “Runnin.” We also just finished the acoustic video for “Runnin”. We worked with some truly amazing musicians to introduce live strings into an emotional version of the single.

5. Is there anything else you’d like to add? I’d just like to add a HUGE thank you to the team. You all know who you are… all of the time, dollars, effort, and creativity doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of how much this small circle means to me.

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