Interview with Davey Jay – Speaker at #TNMC2015

Interview with Davey Jay – Speaker at The National Music Conference  


After Davey Jay spoke on a panel, I was lucky to get a few quotes from Davey Jay herself. Jay is a lawyer for many artists of today, especially in the Orlando area, at her firm Draves Law. On top of that, she is an instructor at Full Sail University teaching Music Business; representing one of the most highly female populated areas of the industry.

I asked her about how well she was promoted before the TNMC event began, and she said it was actually quite late! Though, once it did reach about a week before the event she was presented on the site well as a guest speaker.

Next I asked a quite a dumbfounded question with “How important is it for an artist to have a lawyer?” Being quite surprised at the blunt question of mine she exclaimed “Pretty important!” The reason for this outburst was well deserved, I would say, with the reasons she went on to give me. Having a lawyer is hugely important for an artist to land deals such as with record labels, licensing deals, merchandise, live shows, and so much more. Davey states that artists absolutely cannot have any copyright flaws associated with their brand such as, logo, name, and merchandise. It’s incredibly important to keep them from entering a court case that could jeopardize their whole career if someone decides to steal their work.

My next question was, what would you give to artist that are fairly new? Answering back, she said, it really depends on what they need. They could have the need of presenting themselves with a logo or even sometimes a name if they do not have one. Other times they could be further passed that stage and only need assistance on selecting good investments and marketers that will help to bring in some real and powerful revenue.

As far as I can tell from her words on the panel and my interview, Jay is a Queen of Orlando Music Law. Davey Law is readily picking up all the rapidly excelling graduates from Full Sail along with other outlets of new producers and artist.