Interview with Pop-punk band Brigades return with new EP True Blue

South Carolina pop-punk / post-hardcore outfit, Brigades, return with a powerful self-release, the first since their 2015 album Indefinite; premiered on New Noise Magazine

Brigades Interview

Were you influenced by old records/tapes? Which ones?

Being around the same age, Darren and I both started noticing and developing our music taste in that mid 90’s post-grunge era. I still remember the first CD I bought with my own money was Fastball’s All the Pain Money Can Buy.

In the studio, Darren and I were really vibing on the super distinguishable and dynamic tones that we first fell in love with when hearing Third Eye Blind and Vertical Horizon records for the first time as kids. We jammed a lot of old Goo Goo Dolls while recording as well. It really inspired the tones we used on this album, but sort of revamped in a modern sense.

What new music do you like?

Lately, I’ve been really into minimalist pop like Beach House and Maggie Rogers. Darren has been playing a lot of Pale Waves and Julia Michaels who both are just super catchy and interesting. I really think the new Senses Fail is one of their best releases in a while — really cool to hear them try some new things and still be true to who they are. Hopesfall’s comeback record also is super strong. I think it’s probably the best post-hardcore record of the year.

Do you attend sessions? What makes a good session?

Before my buddy Drew Fulk (The Plot In You, Issues) move his studio to LA, I used to hang out at his Greensboro studio and got to see some great bands record.

One thing that’s always been super important to the success of bands in the writing process is to understand how to let others develop ideas. The most productive and creative bands will let someone run with an idea and helping to nourish it instead of immediately squashing it if it’s not what they had preconceived.

A lot of that is humility and experience. You have to be okay letting other people drive and not get roadblocked because an idea isn’t yours or doesn’t fit a mold that you had in mind.

How often and for how long do you practice?

Our current schedule is practice every Sunday. Not being super young anymore, it’s hard to just wing practice times so we set Sunday’s as our day to get together and let everyone plan around that. We’ll usually go for about 3 or 4 hours per session depending on what we need to work on.

We have a show coming up this weekend where we’re playing some of the new tracks for the first time so we’ve been going a little longer than normal just to make sure we have everything as tight as possible.

How do you feel about the internet in the music business?

It’s obvious that the internet has completely reshaped the music business. There’s the negative side where it’s pushed price levels to basically zero for consumers. You have access to every song for either a super cheap subscription or free if you’re willing to listen to ads. Plus there’s still a big torrent community.

And you can’t blame anybody, even I haven’t bought an album in years. The only time I’ll spend money is on collectibles like limited vinyl. This really removed a large revenue source for both labels and artists and meant that everything else – recording budgets, marketing, video allowances have all to come down as well.

But the good side of this is that it’s democratized music. If you are truly talented, you can get found for zero dollars just by creating a YouTube channel. Recording costs and home studios have gotten good enough to produce high-level songs for very cheap if you are willing to learn how to do it yourself – which YouTube again makes it super easy to do.

It’s still not easy to find long-term, sustainable success but you have more control over your own destiny than ever before. We self-released this last record and, though it took a lot of effort, we were still able to get our album in all the major online stores, streaming services, and release our own music videos. Something that wouldn’t have been possible just 10 years ago.

What’s next for Brigades?

We’ve got some shows lined up around the area for the next month and will be announcing a small tour with a really cool up-and-coming band here in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out!

Anything else you’d like to mention/ include?

We’re doing everything super DIY at the moment so if you like our music, please go check out our merch store and pick up a shirt, a cassette, or even just add us to playlists and leave reviews. Literally, it all helps us grow our voice and supports the next batch of songs we’re dying to record.

Press Release Brigades new EP True Blue

SPARTANBURG, SC | JULY 27, 2018 – South Carolina pop-punk / post-hardcore band Brigades release their new EP True Blue! Coming as the band’s fifth release, it’s the first new material since their 2015 album Indefinite (Pure Noise Records). Self-released, True Blue presents a dynamic collection of six upbeat tunes, showcasing the band’s progression and maturity, both in writing and delivery.

A tight-knit collection of addictive pop-punk melodies are blended with the intensity of post-hardcore rawness. The lyrics provide a front-end hook to grab listeners in – and have them singing along in no time.

Vocalist Darren Young shared, “True Blue definitely stands out from our other records because I feel it’s something new and refreshing compared to how depressing and dark things got on Indefinite. I think in some parts of True Blue it shovels back to the roots between my writing for The Last Laugh and Crocodile Tears, then is mushed together with this new aesthetic that was created from everything that happened. Making this transformation now is more exciting than it would have been for a direct release right after Indefinite.”

In 2015, after the release of Indefinite, Brigades was turning heads from fans and critics alike. Coverage from industry giants included AltPressRockSound, and DyingScene, as they toured across the U.S. and internationally. Despite their success, the band found themselves exhausted after their ICE GRILL$ Japan Tour in December of 2016. Young shared that upon return, he and the band, “Did a lot of soul searching. Spent quality time with family and friends.

Went back to working full time jobs. Found new people to regroup with and make music. Once I felt complete again, I knew it was time to put a team together and dedicate my efforts into creating with Brigades again.” Renewed, refocused, and regrouped, the group doesn’t shy from putting their internal health first. Many bands face the challenges of burnout, and Brigades are upfront in valuing the energy, confidence, and balance that it requires to be in a band full-time.

Young described True Blue as “authentic, emotional, and raw even, but give off more of a fun “ready to move forward and not look back” vibe,” than past releases. Having taken such a long hiatus, the band decided to self-release the EP, recognizing they had to start again, working to organically reconnect with their fan base and new listeners.

They self-demoed the EP, then recorded with legendary producer Machine (Lamb of God, Fall Out Boy, CLUTCH) in Asbury Park, NJ, which they described as a wonderful and unique experience.

“We wanted to learn and push ourselves this time, with self-releasing. So far, the response for the first two singles [“Turmoil” and “Sucker“] have been absolutely heartwarming. I was prepared for a lot of hate seeing as we were never a big household favorite to begin with, but it’s been all positive. We can’t wait to release this beast, and hopefully give our friends & fans something to sing along to.”

True Blue is available for stream and purchase on all major platforms today, including Spotify, BandcampApple Music, and Google Play. Physical cassettes can be purchased through the band’s merch store. East coast dates for this fall will be announced soon, and the band hopes for longer tour runs in the beginning of 2019.


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Sept. 2 – New Brookland Tavern – West Columbia, SC





Based out of the Carolinas, Brigades was established in 2010. Their first release The Last Laugh (self released), released in 2011, was a nine song EP that built a regional following for the band was followed up by their first label debut EP Crocodile Tears (via Pure Noise Records), released in 2013. In 2015 their acoustic rendition/release Our Lives Unfold (via Pure Noise Records) came out. The band’s first full-length album Indefinite (via Pure Noise Records) was released in 2015 which by then the band had already become an international touring act. Taking things into their own hands, their new EP True Blue is available for pre-order now.

Vocals – Darren Young
Guitar – Eric Morgan
Guitar – Ricky Canter
Bass – Dom Docar
Drums – Jacob Wright