Artist Spotlight: Singer and Songwriter Alexis Kritsky

Meet Alexis

Alexis Kritsky
Alexis Kritsky


This week’s artist spotlight is an exclusive interview with Alexis Kritsky. She’s a young singer and songwriter who met with us to talk about her new album and some advice for artists who are debating who they truly are as musicians. Alexis also shares her story about her unique start from Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park at the American Idol experience.

“Release of my new single, produced with the Black Eyed Peas out in Los Angeles, coming July 3rd, and music video July 7th! This will be my debut as an artist to the world.” – Alexis Kristsky

Interview with Alexis Kritsky
Alexis Kritsky Wins Disney’s American Idol Experience


Part One

Interview with Alexis Kritsky
Interview with Alexis Kritsky

 Sharing Wisdom and Inspiration

Alexis enjoys writing her own music in an organic style. She discusses her experience starting out with music executives pushing her into a direction she wasn’t comfortable with as well as how having positive support has catapulted her success.

“To encourage other artists that dreams can come true, and despite everything that may happen to you, good or bad, you have to keep going because you’ll never know what is meant to be unless you try!” – Alexis Kristsky

Part Two

music video
New Music Video Coming Soon


We made an extra special video for her fans of our funny moments during the filming of this interview. We also want to give a special thank you to TSM Studios for the studio time.

Alexis Kritsky