Artist Spotlight: AC and His Mason Jars

AC & His Mason Jars Performance

At the 10th Annual Central Florida Earth Day celebration located in downtown Orlando, Florida at Lake Eola Park. We are fortunate enough to meet with AC & His Mason Jars to catch him performing live. ACHMJ offers his audience calm yet a robust of emotional melodies by bringing his talents to us from Virginia. You can catch him live during his local tour.

“AC & His Mason Jars brings back fond memories of times spent in Appalachia, where time moves a little slower and your neighbor is your friend.” –

Where it Started & Local Tour

Our first video interview includes getting to know a little more about what’s next for ACHMJ.  A new album is in the works called “Blue Moon” that will arrive to the public in July 2015. Watch the video to learn more.

“Re-recording the Empty Jars album at the moment, with a friend in his home studio and then sending it to my buddy in New York City, so he can mix and master the recordings. After I’m finished recording, I have plans to start playing more live shows and arranging a small tour.”

Quick Tips for New Artists

Our next video interview clip provides a couple of quick tips for new artists who might have performance gitters. We also ask about how often ACHMJ practices his craft.

“AC & His Mason Jars came down from the hills of Southwest Virginia armed with his guitar, banjo, and a trunk full of songs. ACHMJ writes his own unique style of Appalachian Folk with songs that range from love, heartache, his family, coal trains and whiskey.” 

Links to Music & More

There are many ways to hear more of his music. Simply click one of your favorite links below to discover more.

AC & His Mason Jars
AC & His Mason Jars